Here at Mimosa Design Co., our goal is to be your one-stop-shop for repurposing your space; we work with what you have and customize it to your tastes by adding cosmetic upgrades, unique touches and more. We take the hassle out of hiring multiple professionals because we have a team who can do it all; from demolition, to finishing touches, and every step in between. 

REPURPOSING your space | from paint, to fixtures, to furnishings. We work with your house to make it a home

COSMETIC upgrades | adding unique + beautiful touches

REMODELING + RENOVATION | light remodeling projects, interior + exterior

custom WOODWORKING | butcher block bars, fireplace mantles, shiplap, shelving + more

INTERIOR DESIGN | from brand new, large-scale furnishings, to finishing touches + accessorizing

DESIGN BOARDS | providing you with a visual direction for individual rooms in your home

PAINT & FINISH consultations | Recommending colors & finishes that are best for your particular space

*REAL ESTATE coming soon!